Silverfern: Long term capital growth with a focus on capital preservation

Long Term Capital Growth

Silverfern’s core investment philosophy is centered on long term capital growth with a focus on capital preservation. To consistently grow capital through investment, capital must first be preserved. We back winners to win again, and avoid unproven teams or business strategies.

We are focused on investing substantial capital into good companies and assets in partnership with world-class investors and management, and aim to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns through growth and operational improvement.

Silverfern creates alpha for its investors by actively originating, selecting, and managing its global direct investments, resulting in low-correlation investments independent of prior LP/GP relationships.

Local Investments, on a Global Scale

With offices in the Americas, Asia-Pacific and Western Europe, Silverfern has a globally diversified investment philosophy. We ensure that our focus on systemic risk mitigation, through building a diversified global investment portfolio, does not simply substitute market risk for our investments. Rather, we partner with local family offices, non-traditional investors, experienced private equity firms and management teams in all three investment regions in which we invest to help us deliver superior returns for our investors. By partnering with investors we know and trust well, Silverfern becomes a local investor, globally.

Adding Value, not just Contributing Capital

Silverfern can act as a strategic investor to the companies into which it invests. We aim to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns through growth and operational improvement, not through financial engineering alone.  Our global orientation allows us to leverage the industry expertise of our investment partners, and to capitalize on differences in investment cycles across investment regions.