Rob Campbell

Independent Investment Committee Member

RobCampbellRob is an independent member of the firm’s Investment Committee for Private Equity, where he has served for over 5 years. He brings over 20 years of experience managing global portfolios and direct investments to the Silverfern team.

Rob’s experience includes being investment director for the private investment firm Tappenden Holdings Ltd., and also the Chairman of the Investment Committee for the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation, a sovereign organization with NZ$20 billion under management. Rob is an active public company director in the investment company, retirement home, infrastructure and produce distribution industries.  In addition he is an owner or director of a number of investment funds.

Rob’s extensive governance experience includes being Chairman of Guinness Peat plc; Chairman of the New Zealand Government Printing Office, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of New Zealand; Director of Sky City Entertainment, and being on the Establishment Board of New Zealand Post.