The Silverfern Advisory Board (SAB) is an exclusive forum that enables senior operating executives across industry sectors to interact with multiple providers of capital and other like-minded executives to identify, finance and build great companies on a global basis.

Each Member of the Silverfern Advisory Board is matched, one-on-one, with an experienced Silverfern Senior Partner to:

  • Understand/develop industry focus/theses
  • Access, structure and diligence actionable investment opportunities
  • Collaborate with an Investment Partner who can add significant value to the opportunity

Silverfern’s unique approach revolves around having our most senior Partners work one-on-one with Silverfern Advisory Board deal-ready CEOs, and then partnering with the world’s leading investment firms and sophisticated family offices to build and grow great businesses on a global basis.

These senior operating executives have seasoned track records of managerial and business success from around the world. Members are typically in, have recently held or have retired from senior executive management roles in companies across most major industrial groups that range in size from $100 million to more than $10 billion of annual revenue. SAB Members include current and former Chief Executive Officers, Presidents, Chief Operating Officers, Major Operating Division Heads and Chief Financial Officers.