The Silverfern Group Exits its Investment in Ladder Capital Corp.

New York, New York December 7, 2016 – The Silverfern Group, a leader in non-traditional global direct investment, today announced that it has exited the second of its two investments in Ladder Capital Corp (NYSE: LADR).

Ladder Capital is a specialty finance company that began operations in October 2008 to provide a comprehensive set of financing solutions to the U.S. commercial real estate industry. Ladder Capital originates and/or acquires commercial real estate investments, including fixed-rate commercial mortgages, interim floating-rate commercial mortgages, junior interests in commercial mortgages and mezzanine loans, and preferred and direct equity. Silverfern first invested in Ladder Capital at its formation in 2008 in partnership with TowerBrook Capital Partners L.P.

Following completion of the exit, Silverfern Co-Managing Partner Reeta Holmes said: “Silverfern is pleased to have been able to exit its successful second investment in Ladder Capital, having exited its successful first investment in Ladder Capital in December 2014. Consistent with our direct investment strategy, we invested in Ladder Capital behind a world-class management team with an experienced investment partner, using our operating manager resources to see opportunity where others could not at the time of the global financial crisis”.


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About Silverfern

Founded in 2001, Silverfern is amongst the few truly global middle-market, multi-asset class, investment management firms in the world today, with resources akin to those of a strategic, local investor. Silverfern invests on behalf of both institutional investors and a network of more than 65 of the world’s largest and most sophisticated multi-billion-dollar single family offices, and has a global partnership with the Citibank Private Bank. Through its offices in New York, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Sydney, Silverfern makes non-traditional, direct, co-control and minority investments in middle market private equity and real estate investment opportunities globally. Silverfern’s investment strategy seeks to mitigate systemic risk in its portfolio by pursuing attractive risk-adjusted returns on a global basis, while at the same time seeking to manage local/market risk through its strategy to partner with non-traditional, local, investment partners on each of its investments.


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